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So, guess I'll post as to why I joined this community.

I'm a freelance writer and a huge fan of film. In fact, I really LIKE the idea of learning how to direct. No plans for film school, though, so that's gonna be tough. I also enjoy learning about the process of adapting from book to film. Cool stuff. I may attempt screenwriting one day, but it's not one of my genres right now, though.

I'm really enjoying reading the materials that are being posted here, but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to submit anything to the project. I really have a problem with writing for no monetary compensation. Don't get me wrong--I think this is a very, very cool idea, and I look forward to watching it unfold! It's just that I am hoping to make money from my craft.

Still, it's going to be fun to be a part of this project, and I am sure I will get over myself and submit something. I already have something in mind, but it may be too "light and fluffy." If the community mods care to look over my LJ and see if there is an entry they'd like me to polish up and submit, by all means, do let me know.

Hiya! :D
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